A resource guide for navigating layoffs

A resource guide for navigating layoffs

In this edition of our journalist leader resource Newsletter, we share an exciting opportunity to learn more about political economy reporting, a look at Africa’s multimedia storytelling scene, and an important update from The Associated Press. 

First, we are still looking to impanel a number of senior journalists to its Editorial Board and its team of News Auditors. Please note that this is a non-paid position at the moment. If you’re interested, please send your CV to info@5WH.com.

Second, our team is still seeking freelance writers to volunteer for a written Q&A with the media team. We want to know what issues freelance journalists face today and need your help to learn the latest! If you are interested, please reach out at  info@5WH.com.

Next, the news:

Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State is now seeking applicants for the 2024 Residence Program. If you have some years of media experience, are proficient in English, and have an interest in deepening your knowledge and understanding of political economy, click here to apply by October 15th.

Are you going through a period of change in your journalism career? Poynter recently gathered more than 20 resources to navigate layoffs, networking, job hunting, and more. Click here to see the piece.

The Economist has been experimenting with short-form videos for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, and more with the goal of earning younger readers. To learn more about the content, its methodology, and its success so far, click here.

From journalism to startups, podcasting is becoming more and more important in Africa’s media industry. Considering how popular radio is in the continent, podcasters have a chance to win audiences and generate revenue. Click here to learn more about the industry’s evolution in Africa.

Another example of creative multi-platform media in Africa is Last Drop Africa, a website, docuseries, and podcast officially recognized by the Ugandan government. The initiative was founded by journalist Alex Taremwa and marketer Edward Nimusiima and aims to educate young Africans about climate change through cultural storytelling. Click here to learn more.

Thinking of starting a newsletter? Ahead of the launch of a new daily newsletter at Yahoo! Sports, the Nieman Lab recently published a piece on what it takes to craft a great newsletter. Click here to read the deep dive.

The Associated Press, which has led the charge toward AI implementation in journalism with a partnership with OpenAI, finally published newsroom guidance for utilizing the tool. On top of clarifying that it shouldn’t replace reporters, the guidance outlines the pitfalls of AI. Click here to read more. 

As Hawaiians recover from the devastation of the Maui wildfires, the media is once again in the spotlight for its coverage of the disaster. Click here to see how reporters in Lahaina are handling the responsibility while coping with losses of their own.

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