A grant from the Earth Journalism Network and a leadership role at The Omaha World Herald

A grant from the Earth Journalism Network and a leadership role at The Omaha World Herald

In this edition of our newsroom leader resource Newsletter, we explore a new funding opportunity for African news outlets, two openings for newsroom leaders in the United States, and guidance on risk assessment.

The Earth Journalism Network will award grants to media organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan to investigate environmental crimes with a financial focus. Click here to learn more and apply by the October 9th deadline.

The Omaha World Herald in Omaha, Nebraska, is seeking an Executive Editor to reimagine the future of news coverage at the outlet with digital tactics and a focus on reader engagement. Click here to learn more about the opening and apply now.

The Atlantic is seeking an Associate Podcast Producer with sharp news judgment to join the team for their flagship show, Radio Atlantic. Click here to learn more about the role and apply.

As AI evolves, some workers are proactively pushing for job protections. This is especially relevant in media, where journalism unions are fighting to ensure that AI won’t take away their job and that AI-produced content meets journalistic standards. Read this story from Poynter for the latest on the debate.

Need a better way to spot AI-generated deepfakes in your newsroom? The International Journalists’ Network recently published a list of AI tools for combating deepfakes. Click here to read the guide.

The Reuters Institute recently hosted a Fellowship reunion to discuss the current state of media and future predictions for the news. The conversation spanned AI, diversity, revenue, foreign news, and mental health – click here to read the full rundown.

Street reporting is an essential journalistic skill, but it isn’t always safe for reporters. In an effort to make on-the-ground reporting safer, the Columbia Journalism Review recently published a piece on how risk assessments can reduce risks for the tactic. Click here to read the story.

The founder of the LIDA network Irene David-Arinze recently spoke to Jam Lab Africa to discuss how her media, financial literacy, and fact-checking tool promotes accountability. Click here to learn more about her leadership and insight.

Newsroom leaders in 2023 have to balance the needs of readers, funders, and their direct reports. Struggling to make time to fill your publication with high-quality content? The 5WH marketplace makes it easier to network with freelance writers and source stories quickly. Learn more about membership perks at www.5wh.com.

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