Three fellowship programs with early October deadlines

Three fellowship programs with early October deadlines

In this edition of our journalist resource Newsletter, we gathered three fellowship opportunities, a guide to freelance journalism safety principles, and a story on what the public expects from local reporting.

First, we are still looking to impanel a number of senior journalists to its Editorial Board and its team of News Auditors. Please note that this is a non-paid position at the moment. If you’re interested, please send your CV to

Next, the news:

The Tarbell Fellowship is seeking early-career journalists interested in covering emerging technologies and AI for a one-year program. Fellows will be placed in a major UK newsroom for 9 months and participate in a study group covering AI governance & technical fundamentals. Click here to apply by the October 15th deadline.

The Oxford Climate Journalism Network is now accepting applications to join the 6-month online program. If accepted, you’ll be expected to join 14 mandatory sessions, engage with other members, and track your knowledge throughout the process. Reporters of every beat are invited to apply. Click here to submit by the October 2nd deadline.

PBS Wisconsin is seeking early-career journalists for the Mike Simonson Fellowship, a full-time 2-year program for developing investigative reporting skills and reporting on public issues. Click here to learn more and apply.

Want to improve your approach to safety while reporting? The ACOS Alliance (A Culture Of Safety Alliance) created a brief guide to the freelance journalist safety principles, which applies to reporters both in and out of conflict zones. Click here to read it.

The Reuters Institute published a story on what the public says they want from their news organizations in four different countries. Want stronger strategies for building public trust? Click here to read the piece.

Tech reporter Casey Newton recently wrote a piece on what he learned in year three of running one of digital media’s most successful Substack newsletters. If you’re interested in starting or improving your own newsletter, click here to read the reflection.

The Nieman Lab recently gathered a comprehensive list of the various ways AI can help reporters and publishers do their jobs. From story alert systems to ‘flexicles,’ the guide can help enhance your approach to AI. Click here to read it.

As a part of its ongoing series on improving climate change reporting, Reuters published a piece on why journalists should focus on what cannot be rebuilt following an extreme climate or weather disaster. Click here to learn why.

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