What We Are

& What We Are Not

5WH is not a news aggregator masquerading as a media house. 

5WH is not a tech giant cannibalizing third-party content without cost or accountability. 

5WH is not a propaganda platform amplifying misinformation and fake news.

5WH.com evolved around a core belief that technology — while not an end in itself — can be an enabler that educates, informs and enlightens.


& Good Journalism

And while wielding great power, can be accountable to the people. Democracy survives on an informed citizenry fed on facts and credible news. Good journalism, in turn, survives on sustainable revenue models. 

Digital disruptions triggered at the dawn of the century have pulverized conventional revenue models in the media industry. Small and local media have had to either cut cost or wind up. Bigger ones, too, are struggling to stay afloat. Covid-19 has only aggravated the situation. 

Large numbers of people see the media as subject to undue political influence, and only a small minority believe most news organizations put what's best for society ahead of their own commercial interest.

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Reuters Institute


Out-Of-The Box Thinking

Complex problems need unconventional solutions and out-of-the box thinking. Developed by a team of senior journalists and IT professionals, 5WH.com was designed as an incubator to encourage and reward original content creation. 

At 5WH, we use technology to enable professional journalists with boots on the ground to connect with and sell their stories to top media houses across the world. Unique digital affordances on our site allow scribes to create content in any form — text, stills, video and voice —and sell it at the click of a mouse. 


Truly Global

The Future Of Journalism Has Arrived

For media houses, we offer a regiment of hard-nosed and battle-hardened journalists in over 190 countries to report from just about any corner of the world. We at 5WH.com believe journalism needs to be dragged out of the raucous debates and whataboutery in TV studios. 

5WH.com is Democracy at Work.

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