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If you are a journalist stifled by a shrinking job market, then could open up new vistas to connect with and create content for top media houses. is an e-commerce platform that offers unique online affordances to journalists to create and sell their content.

Once you are registered with, you can use the platform to file stories in just about any form and language - text, video, audio/podcast, and photo gallery.

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Create An Account

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Submit Your Work

Submit your text, video or audio story on the platform – seamlessly

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Set Your Price

Set the price you expect for your work – or let media houses bid for the story!

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SELL!! And Get Paid

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Online Newsroom to connect & create takes ease of filing stories to the next level. The platform provides easy-to-use templates to file stories. Just key in your story and with the click of a button the story is listed in the marketplace for media houses to bid and purchase the content.

What is unique about is that journalists can fix remunerative prices for their content. You don’t need to haggle and bargain to get what is rightfully yours.

What You Get

Satisfaction & Assurance ensures journalists get paid on time. Our sales team keeps a tab on all the transactions and follows up with media houses to ensure contractual obligations on the part of content users are met.

From global to local, we are an online community of content providers and users working 24x7 bringing news to your living rooms, as it happens.


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The media industry was hit hard by the economic decline triggered by COVID-19, but the pandemic also accelerated digitalization and pushed journalists to become independent content creators.

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Re-thinking Journalism

Expand, Innovate and Experiment attempts to re-configure the journalist-publisher relationship in the digital workspace to create a win-win situation for both content creators and its users. Enabling content creation in all forms-- text, audio, photograph, video - animation this platform offers a virtual newsroom that provides vast opportunities to expand, innovate and experiment.