Journalist Faq's

You can submit the story in any of the selected languages approved by the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board approves a journalist on the basis of his/her resume, work experience, sample of published work, references, and recommendations.

News Auditors form the most important part of the 5WH platform. They are reviewers who diligently assess content posted by journalists before they are uploaded for media houses to see, decipher and purchase.

After creating a story, if you do not want to post it immediately, you have the option of saving it to be posted at a later date.

Go to ‘My Stories’ to find the option to delete a posted story. However, you can’t delete a purchased story.

The language can’t be changed for any particular module, but you can select the preferred language for the platform.

You can select preferred language for application and website, but you cannot change the language while replying to the editor's assignment.

Yes. Keywords help your stories appear in more searches, it makes sense to use them.

Privacy and security of stories are a priority for us. Stories that are saved cannot be seen by any other person. Stories posted by Person A cannot be fully viewed by Person B until they are purchased. Following purchase, Person B will have access to the full story with all documents/visuals, if any.

It is the face of your story.

Use a photograph or illustration related to the story.

No. However, writers should keep readers in mind while deciding the length of a story.

No. The story should not reveal the author’s/journalist’s identity to the News Auditors. Stories are audited and rated by an independent team of News Auditors impartially. Hence, the 5WH platform discourages any link between journalists and News Auditors. When you finally submit your story, your byline will go in the Byline field in the submission form and will be visible to the media house. However, whether they finally use your byline is entirely up to them.

No, you cannot communicate with News Auditors. When a media house buys a story, a communication channel is opened with the reporter – in case they require any change/clarification.

A story can be available for a maximum of 180 days, depending on its relevance for media houses and readers at large. For example, stories with a longer shelf-life – like a travelogue – may remain for a longer duration.

Yes, you can resubmit unsold stories after 180 days.

Where you team up or collaborate with other registered journalists for a news story.

Users need to create a group by sending invites. A user can receive an invitation from another to join a group.

A maximum of four journalists can form a group to create content. They may be based in any part of the world.

The story cannot be posted if any team member rejects it.

Yes. You can create multiple groups and also join multiple groups.

The system will split the payment automatically and transfer it to the Stripe accounts of collaborators. The admin or team leader will decide on the percentage of payment to be made to each team member while posting the story for sale.

First, one sends an invite to other journalists to form a team. Once the invitation is accepted, a chat group is created.

As a journalist, you can only chat with other journalists by creating a Team. You cannot send individual messages to other users, but you can receive individual messages from the media houses and the Editorial Board.

There is no such limit for shared stories. You set the price of the story as well as the number of media houses allowed to purchase it.

Jobs are posted by media houses registered with our platform.

No, you cannot track the status for applied jobs through our platform.

A live video can be posted under all categories: Free, Shared, Exclusive and Bid-based.

Yes. You can post a maximum of three videos in a story. The first video may be of a maximum of 90 seconds, and the second and third videos may be of a maximum of 60 seconds each.

Yes. You can post a maximum of three videos in a story. The first video may be of a maximum of 90 seconds, and the second and third videos may be of a maximum of 60 seconds each.

The ‘My Stories’ section displays all the stories posted by you. There you can edit and add video thumbnails to an already posted story.

The 5WH platform accepts photos in jpg, jpeg, PNG and TIFF formats. Ideally, photos should be of 300 DPI and of a maximum size of 4MB. You can upload a maximum of 300 MB of data (including photos, videos, text and audio) at a time.

Users can translate the following services in the available languages: (A) Audio, (B) Videos, (C) Text and (D) Live feed (Not Ready Yet). Transcription Services include (A) Audio, (B) Videos and (C) Live feed (Not Ready Yet). Users have to upload files and wait for completion of the process. As soon as process is over, users will receive translated/transcribed files on their registered emails. They will also be available on the platform after they log in.

The Ethics Committee is responsible for adhering to standards established by the Society of Professional Journalists. Any violation reported to the committee is investigated and recommendations made to address the violation, if any. Submitted feedback may be viewed in the Result section under Enquiries.

We are always ready to address your concerns. You can talk to our support team via chat. You also have the option of submitting the Complaint Form.

Yes, you can. However, you can’t change your name, email ID, mobile number and country already registered with 5WH.

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage you to write blogs.

Blogs appear on the main page of 5WH website. It is visible to all visitors to the website.

Anyone can read your blog on the 5WH website, even without being a registered user of the platform.

A reporter can announce his/her plans to cover any event in advance; so that the media house can allot an assignment to the reporter.

Media houses can see it.

A media house can invite journalists to cover a story or an event through Editor’s Assignment.

The journalists can see the Editor’s assignments.

5WH applied nine parameters for audit of the contents. These are (1) Grammar/Texture, (2) Contextuality/Topicality, (3) Originality, (4) Consistency/Clarity, (5) Objectivity/Accuracy, (6) Headline/Pitch & Content match, (7) Content add-on elements/Caption match, (8) Vulgarity/Inflammatory Quotient, (9) Attribution/Credit to sources.

5WH has a group of News Auditors from across the world – each with at least 10 years’ experience in the media. Usually, three News Auditors audit first five of your stories. The next five stories are audited by one news auditor if you maintain 2.5 star ratings. Thereafter all the stories are audited on a random basis.

Yes. Journalists must maintain a minimum rating of 2.5 stars to continue on the platform. 5WH cares for the quality and credibility of its contributors.

Yes, you can. You can also recommend a media house to join 5WH.

Yes, you can. But the media house has to initiate the chat.

Registration fee to join 5WH platform is US$150. We offer annual (USD100), half-yearly (USD80), quarterly (USD50) and monthly (USD20) plans for registered journalists.

A journalist can be removed from the platform on several grounds. These include low rating from News Auditors and Media Houses. A registered journalist ought to maintain a minimum star rating of 2.5 to continue on the platform. Further, recommendation of Ethics Committee; if articles are consistently of poor quality or plagiarized; low output over three months; dishonoring of commitment on assignments; and any activity that is in conflict with ethical standards of the 5WH platform could be the reason for suspension or removal.

Media House Faq's

You have to bid on the auction story posted by a journalist. The story will go to the highest bidder.

Journalists themselves set the price of a story -- unless it comes under the ‘Free’ category. However, if a story is purchased by a News Agency, the price goes up 5x. If a media house with a viewership/readership of more than a million buys the story, the price goes up 3x. If a media house with viewership/circulation of 500,000 to one million would pay 2x.

The story will be available for a maximum period of 180 days.

News Auditor Faq's

Besides having a sharp understanding of an issue, the News Auditors need to check whether a story with similar idea has appeared earlier.

The parameter is to figure out whether the article conveys clearly what it sets out to do.

Editorial Board Faq's

The Editorial Board approves a journalist on the basis of his/her resume, work experience, sample of published work, references, and recommendations.

Yes, it has to be done within a day of receipt of the profile.

He/she can review up to five profiles of applicants per day.

Yes, the remarks would be visible to the applicant-journalist.

If rejected, the applicant would receive an email from 5WH Team.

If rejected, the applicant would receive an email from 5WH Team.

Yes, the journalist can re-apply for registration after six months.

Yes, chat is allowed until the profile of the journalist is approved by the Board.

Reviewed profiles won’t be removed. They are either accepted or rejected.

Reviewed profiles won’t be removed. They are either accepted or rejected.

The dashboard for the Editorial Board member would display a notification. It would also show the number of reviewed, approved and pending profiles. Individual members would receive email notifications too.

Yes, a member can recommend names for the Editorial Board. He/she can also recommend journalists, media houses, and News Auditors for the platform.

The dashboard of an Editorial Board member provides ‘Support’ chat facility with 5WH Team for help as and when required. The member can also connect by email by clicking ‘Contact Us’ on the home page of the website.


The tenure of the member would be of two years from the date of the agreement signed with 5WH.

Yes, the tenure can be extended for a second term through renewal.

The Editorial Board member can terminate his/her engagement with 5WH at any time with such notice as agreed. The platform can do it anytime with or without citing a reason.

Yes, to avail off-days, please go to My Off-days in your profile. Click on date/dates you want to be on leave. Also by clicking the selected date again, you make it a work-day. After the selection of dates, save the information by clicking the 'SUBMIT' button.

Ethics Committe Faq's

The structure of the Ethics Committee is decided by the 5WH management. The committee is headed by an ombudsman and two members.

Journalists and media houses registered with 5WH can raise complaints.

By submitting the complaint form available on the platform.

After the complaint is received, the ombudsman can deal with it himself or may assign it to a committee member to investigate. He may also form a team for the purpose. Once the investigation is over, he would submit a report and recommend action to the 5WH management.

The committee can recommend delisting of the journalist or any other person the complaint is against. However, the final action would be decided by the 5WH management.

The preferred time for the report will be within five business days. However, the schedule for reporting will be determined on as-needed basis.

No, journalists cannot initiate direct communication with the Ethics Committee. However, the members of the committee can contact them.

No, the decision of the committee cannot be challenged.

Yes, it can reject complaints.

Complains should be related to violation of the Terms and Conditions and the SPJ guidelines.

The dashboard of Ethics Committee member provides a ‘Support’ chat facility with 5WH Team for help as and when required. The member can also connect by email by clicking on ‘Contact Us’ shown on the home page of the website.