Founder's Message

Founder's Message

Dear All, 

The current global media landscape is challenging -- both for media houses and for journalists.Many media businesses are stagnant or shrinking. Many quality journalists find themselves unemployed or under-employed. Yet, demand for content is growing. Ever wonder why media outlets and freelance journalists have not found a solution to the challenges of the new media market?

Well, stop wondering. 5WH is the solution.

An online marketplace that brings freelance reporters and media outlet buyers together -- worldwide -- it is a response to the struggles being experienced by the industry today.

Newspapers are faced with reduced readership and ad revenues, and as a result are reducing their reporting staff. More reporters are becoming freelancers in response to this marketing shift. With a smaller staff, news outlets are finding it increasingly difficult to generate quality stories to fill their pages. Likewise, freelancers are finding it difficult to connect to enough news outletsto ensure a consistent, paying market for their work.

5WH solves this dilemma by creating an online clearinghouse that provides an abundance of reliable content to media outlets and a huge, worldwide market to freelancers. With this platform, media outlets can expand content to increase revenue while paring payroll expense. Freelance journalists can increase income and exposure.

The multi-lingual e-commerce platform has the potential to create a few thousand direct jobs for journalists in the US alone, and provide full-time earning opportunities to thousands of talented and enterprising freelance journalists across the world.

A rigorous vetting process for journalists and multiple layers of quality control allow us to provide reliable and authentic content to media outlets.

The content we offer includes all forms of media -- text, audio, photograph, video and animation. While media houses can choose and pick from a wide range of content at an affordable price, the platform allows journalists the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, anytime – and set the price they believe they deserve for their work.

Welcome to the virtual newsroom of the future!

Lalit Jha | Founder

(Please see our FAQ for Journalists and FAQ for Media Houses for more on how 5WH works)


Our mission is

1. to provide a reliable news source to media houses without the fixed cost of a permanent staff of reporters.
2. to provide freelance reporters a reliable and consistent market for what they write or produce in which they get paid a fair wage, fast.