How Can You Easily Buy News Online: A Guide for Media Houses

How Can You Easily Buy News Online: A Guide for Media Houses

Are you a media house? Do you want a quick and easy method to Buy News Online, content that your audience can identify with? Sorting through the huge number of freelance journalists and identifying diverse, high-quality stories you can use could be a very difficult task. In an ever-changing media environment, the role of strategic and captivating content has never been more important than it is now.

The era of painfully searching for engaging and trustworthy stories for your audience is gone. 5WH is beyond a platform; it becomes your direct line of communication with a worldwide group of skilled freelance journalists. Moreover, gain a competitive edge by buying news that is authentic, high-quality and fresh content from established journalists, facilitated through 5WH.

5WH Edge:

  • Spend money on content that meets high-quality standards and is vetted by a senior editorial board for reliability and authenticity.
  • Buy news from journalists that are of global importance. Get in touch with journalists from different countries that bring unique views and stories about niche issues.
  • Keep abreast of the current news with the help of our global community (news buying website) on 5WH. Develop strong connections with journalists across the globe and have access to a variety of stories to make sure you are providing the most up-to-date and relevant content.
  • Take advantage of the freedom to commission articles to well-established journalists or join forces with groups of journalists to buy stories from news buying websites. 5WH is very flexible in group assignments, giving you an opportunity to negotiate with journalists according to the requirements of the topic.
  • When you publish the story requirements on a 5WH (news buying website), you will get applications from many journalists. Select the best and bargain for a mutually acceptable price to ensure you get a good quality at a reasonable price.
  • Leverage the platform to commission original works in any form, including text, audio, and video. Journalists all over the world provide you with multimedia content with a wider and richer appeal.

Quick Tutorial for Media Houses to Join Best News Buying Website (5WH):

  • Begin with basic

Save your latest photo on your desktop and create a text document listing all social media handles, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. 

  • 5WH application

Go to 5WH and start filling out the application. Give the name and designation of the editor who will be using the platform on behalf of the media house. 

  • Add country and currency details

Select the country you are registered to and provide your contact details. Don’t forget to add the currency, as all your monetary dealings will happen in that currency only.

  • Add summary

Add a brief summary of the media outlet within 200 words. The summary will be visible to all registered journalists and media houses on the platform. 

  • Niche selection

Select the interests of niche content that your media outlet covers. 

  • Audience demographics

Choose 9 countries that you are most popular in. Next, select the circulation and audience base of your media house. 

  • Keyword selection

Add keywords, as it helps us keep you posted on the latest. 

  • Social media details

Now add all your social media profile links, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Out of 5 social media accounts, 3 are mandatory, including Twitter and LinkedIn. 

  • Terms and conditions

Accept our privacy policy, terms and conditions, code of ethics, and master contract for media houses. 

Welcome on-board! Now you can purchase the stories from world best news buying website 5WH, post assignments, and get introduced to the world of 5WH. Say goodbye to the traditional challenges of content procurement and embrace a new era where buying news is just a click away.