Sell News Stories to top media houses across the world Online with 5WH

Sell News Stories to top media houses across the world Online with 5WH

Are you a freelance journalist who seeks a great online marketplace to sell news online and thus become globally recognised as a professional? Among the many freelancers, discovering the most suitable and trusted news selling website to get your stories published worldwide in major media houses is a task full of questions and uncertainties. If these challenges are holding you back, the solution is easier than you realise, and it’s all here at 5WH online best news selling website.

The world of freelancing journalism is changing rapidly, and 5WH is the beacon that will keep you from getting lost in the maze. It is not just a platform in this regard, but one that provides direct access to all leading media houses across the world, a secure place where you can sell news online, and get an edge over traditional pitching.

5wh Advantage

  1. Effortless Story Selling: Freelance journalists are able to sell news online in various formats and languages with ease and use templates that are simple to apply, freeing them from the hassle of perfecting elaborate story filing. 
  2. Empowerment in Pricing: Take advantage of having the power to ask for your deserved amount and always get it without struggle.
  3. Transparent Transactions: Enjoy the perks of transparent transactions where immediate payments are guaranteed and a staff that monitors all financial transactions and ensures that contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  4. Global Community: Through 5WH, the world’s first online news selling website, a newsroom for freelance reporters is being built to create an accessible marketplace for selling stories to major media outlets across the globe. 

How to Sell News Online on 5WH: The Quick Tutorial

Adhere to these simple guidelines to get started as a freelance journalist and sell a story to the top media houses online:

  • Prepare Your Essentials:
    • Save the latest professional photo of yourself on the desktop.
    • Develop a 30-second video that is an introduction that highlights your skills and expertise.
    • Be sure that your resume and a sample of your professional work are in order as well.
    • Give your social media accounts, especially Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Visit 5WH, news selling website:
    • Go to 5WH to begin your application.
  • Complete Journalist Section:
    • Go to the journalist page on the website.
    • Add important specifications such as your preferred currency, country name, and a short yet persuasive profile.
  • Upload Your Credentials:
    • Upload a professional photo and a short introduction video, and attach files showing your work.
    • Specify your current address and also state the type of stories you enjoy writing and what areas of interest you cover professionally.
  • Define Your Audience:
    • To begin with, pinpoint your market and demographics, considering interests and needs.
    • Specify the language of your content.
  • Privacy Measures:
    • Please upload your resume. And be assured that it will be used exclusively by the editors.
    • Link to other social media accounts to increase visibility.
  • References and Policies:
    • Mention three people who can introduce you as a professional.
    • Please be sure that you have read the policies and understood them before using this site.
  • Submit Your Application:
    • Fill out the application and wait to be evaluated by the editorial board.
  • Confirmation Email:
    • 5wh will send a confirmation email after you finish signing up for the membership.

Welcome aboard!

5WH then definitely positions international freelance journalists for global recognition. Through the power of compelling narratives, pricing power, open transactions, and the futuristic global community, the portal is the beacon of light within the changing horizons of journalism. Get your hands on the simple guide and join 5WH, which helps you open doors to a world of opportunities.